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Toddler Education Essentials

What are Toddler Education Essentials?

When it comes to building excitement in your child about readings, there are some toddler education essentials you should consider. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be fun. If your toddler is having fun, that is really all the matters for them. They are not interested in actively learning, or really even understand that they are learning. There are some toys and items you can use to help encourage the fun learning.

Some of the toys that are not books that you can consider for your toddler are wooden alphabet learning sets. You can get letters and numbers sets that your toddler can play with in the bath. It is helpful if you keep in mind that toddlers like to be independent and do things for themselves. You can encourage this by putting a couple of books, or toys, in front of them and let them choose which book they want to read. Once your child picks one, praise the choice and let them turn the pages. If the book is repetitive, pause when you get mid way through the repetition and let your child finish the sentence.

When your child asks to read a book, read that book, even if it is the same book you have read every day for the past week. When you are reading, read slowly so your toddler catches it and understands. When you are reading, make sure you are using expressions and different voices for different characters. You want books and toys that are durable. Your toddler should be able to play with it without worry of it breaking or tearing. You always want to encourage your toddler to say the words, clap to the rhythm or sing along. You want to talk about all of the pictures that you and your toddlers see. You should point to items and name them or let your toddler name them. You want to ask your child questions about what they are seeing on the pages.

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