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Early Education Essentials

What are Early Education Essentials?

Reading plays a large role in the foundation of learning for your toddler. When it comes to early education essentials, you want to instill in your child a love of reading and learning. Toddlers like to do things for themselves. If you keep books and learning toys accessible for your child, it will encourage them to read and learn. You want to keep books on a low shelf or in an area they can easily access. You want to keep books in the car and have a book or two in your bag so your child can look at it while you are standing in a long line. They will not even realize they are learning. Take your child to the library or bookstore and you can pick out mom and baby books together. This encourages your child to feel good about the choice and promises that it will be a book in which they are interested. You should also let your child see you reading for fun. This will encourage the behavior in them.

More early education essentials are to hear you read aloud to them and to hear others read to them. This age is a big time for your child. There are many milestones for which they can celebrate and having books highlight those celebrations will draw in your child and encourage reading. Anytime is a great time to read to your child. You should read to them as often as possible. If you can, put your child in your lap while reading to them. Do not get discouraged if at some point, your toddler no longer wants to sit still. It may frustrate you to try to read to your child that will not sit still but stay the course. Your child may only pay attention to a few pages and then go off running. Keep the book close because your toddler is likely to come back and look at it again. Perhaps your toddler just wants to stand while you read. That is ok, too. Do not try to make it frustrating for your or your child because that will not end well. Be flexible and keep trying. No matter what, continue to read to your child until your child can start reading to you.

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