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Books For Toddlers

What Are the Best Books for toddlers?

As a parent, you may feel overwhelmed when making book selections for your child. We often get hung up on making sure we make all the right choices. The most important aspect of books for toddlers is selecting books in which they are able to follow along. A toddler enjoys repetition and words that are familiar. When looking for books for toddlers, you want books that do not have a lot of words. You also want to select books on topics in which your toddler has an interest.

For toddlers, you want to focus on easy number and letter books. If your child is between 1 and 2 years, you want board books that have pictures of other children doing the same things that your child does everyday. This can include activities such as baths, bedtime, and eating. Books that say hello and goodbye are a great choice. Toddlers at this age like to keep their hands moving, so books with textures or flaps they can lift are great options.

When it comes to toddlers that are a little older, between 2 to 3 years of age, children like to begin to turn paper. They will be less interested in board books. They will also begin to understand the mechanics of reading. When they have books that are repetitive, they feel like they can read along. You still want to find books on topics in which your toddler is interested. You may find that your toddler is interested in trains, trucks, and food. Kids at this age often like books that focus on animals, families, and toddlers like them. They even enjoy looking at photo albums and scrapbooks of people they know.

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